Fleischmann's Booze - Magic Moments

Ron and Flossy had been planning this evening for weeks. They had to get this right. Starting over in a new town could be so stressful. The whole Community was judging them. Fortunately they had Fleischmann's Various Boozes to smooth the way.
The city had just finished remodeling the courthouse, and Ron had scored most of the siding from the work site. It lookd perfect in their living room behind the cabinet containing the remains of Vlad Tepes III, which they had picked up on their trip to Bucharest.

The Frobes had complimented Trudy on her choice of gastric green embossed wallpaper behind the Mary Queen of Scots sofa from the Super Swirlicue line. The nearly-matching armchair hadn't been available in the same shade of Revolution Blue, but it all worked out. They just upholstered it with the wallpaper. It looked so nice next to the Christmas fern!

As the Fleischmann's started to flow, the party really started to take shape. The Dlundricks and Frobes were mingling nicely. Trost and Flossy were staring deep into each other's eyes while Ged and Fortuna kept pouring each other new drinks.
This was going to be the best swinging party ever. And in the morning, Ron and Trudy would harvest their organs and have them exported to Honduras just in time for afternoon tea. The cleaning lady would throw a fit, but she'd get over it... with help from Fleischmann's Various Boozes!


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