Madam Rowley's Toilet Mask

Hello, modern Gentle-Ladies and Prostitutes! Are you ugly? Have you ever heard the following from a suitor? "Egad, milady! You have the countenance of a hedge-vole!" Or this: "Madam, I believe that your blemishes are malignant and unbleached."

Madame Rowley wants to help you appear less repulsive and suffer from fewer complexion blemishes. By the remedial employment of her Toilet Mask, you can un-do the injuriousness of cosmetics and head-powders otherwise used by the foolish woman to perpetrate the larceny of illusory youth.

Worn thrice weekly, the Toilet Mask is filled with liquid-bleach and conveniently affixed to the face by the vigor of straps. As the lady tends to her other various daily ablutions, her complexion is being scorched free of spots, blemishes, gnomes, and pock-crevices, with no further endeavor carried out, apart from frequent face-washing with tepid water, application of burn tincture and fortnightly eye-bathing!

Your man-visitors and liasoners will find your face more healthful and tender. You will have the appearance of a younger woman, with skin like a delicious haddock fillet! All you need do is take care to keep the face away from open flame for three hours after treatment.

We would like to entreat you to send away for our illustrated treatise, with full particulars, via post-mail. Beware other toilet masks conveyed to the public by charlatans and market-usurpers! Order your trade-marked toilet mask today from Madam Rowley.


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