Me? A real Electronician? Golly!

You there! Sitting on your chair! I choose this moment to interrupt you mid-sit by bringing you news of the greatest career-getting opportunity of the day! Yes, you yourself can become a RADIO-ELECTRONICIAN and start earning the increased money you probably deserve.
Simply place your pointing-device over the image above and actuate the click-button to recieve, free-of-charge, a larger version of the advert-tisement to read at YOUR convenience!

After beginning your new career in radio-elctronicianizing, you will surely desire additional careers, all of which can be taught to you by me, F.L. Sprayberry. Choose from such amazing vocations as...

Auto-Car Fix-O-nician
Aero-Plane Repairalizer
Dog Docto-trician
Cat Docto-trician
Vole Docto-trician
Tele-Vision Techno-Repairgrapher
Shoe Cobble-O-tron
Space-Rocket Build-O-trician
Chicken Wrangle-ician
Book-Word Writealizer
Police-Man Officerator
Clothes-Dryer Fixant
Bull Teaser


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