Chevy Delray - Back when "coupe" meant "beaucoup"

Joke #1: "Stevie! Hurry back! It's your turn to set the table once you and the dog are done out there."

Joke#2: "Honey, I gotta drive into town for some bread. Can you put down that box for a second and help me install the outboard motor?"

Joke#3: The other side of the Great Beverly Hillbillies House Swap.

Joke#4: Stevie had just forty minutes to hide himself in the wilderness before Daddy came after him with the Evinrude. The summer bloodsport sometimes felt like the only thing that kept the family together."

Joke#5: No more gangs. No more car alarms going off at all hours. No more stabbings. Judy was sure the family was going to love life in Berwyn.

Joke#6: "Honey, look how I'm holding the motor! Give you any ideas?"

Joke#7: The new Chevy Delray Coupe: Just enough car, when you only need to seat six, and carry a boat in the trunk.


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