Freezer Pedal - Hey, where'd that go?

Lots of things you see in old ads are really funny. At the time they seemed like a good idea, and it's not really fair to make fun of ideas from our vatage point fifty years in the future. (It's not fair, but it really is fun.) Sometimes I see something like this freezer door pedal that makes me wonder why the idea didn't catch on. Behold, the freezer door pedal.

I can't be sure, but I think one of our refrigerators back in the seventies (the fridge was probably a relic of the sixties) had one of these. The idea makes sense, right? A lot of the time when you go for the fridge door, you've got things in your hands (half eaten roast beast, bundles of cash wrapped in plastic, houseflies in a jar for a fun experiment). Why not have a steppy-pedal to make the door open for you?

Sometimes history is an idiot, I guess. Cars got really ugly around 2002 with their pointless creases and very pointy headlights, for example. Change is not always progress.

In other news, I love these old two color print jobs. They had money for an extra color besides black, so they splurged and paid for red. Now that's what I call pizazz! If you want to give your drawing a cool retro look, add some limited colors. Nice dreamy posing on the people in this ad, too.

Hey! Check it out. We also get a bonus disembodied floating head at the bottom.


Lockheed_Tvr said...

I know this was posted a long time ago but I have to comment. My grandmother had a fridge with a pedal that was fully the width of the fridge. It opened the fridge, not the freezer but the idea is the same and you go into the fridge with hands full more often then the freezer.

It also had a second very cool feature; each shelf was really a semi-circle lazy susan. Each shelf could be spun around so that it nearly completely outside the front of the fridge! Talk about convenience! Truly a lost bit of engineering.

Phil Are Go! said...

I agree, TVR. Why can't convenience features like this be re-added to fridges? Maybe they think people wouldn't like it? Unlikely? We have touch-sensitive faucets. Can a simple lever mechanism be too expensive to produce?

Thanks for posting, TVR!

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