AC Spark Plugs - Johnny's first plug.

Joke #1: Johnny always felt happy and a little sad, dropping his parents off at the prom. Would they have a good time with their little friends? Would they meet the couple they would eventually marry? Would some older couples try to give them liquor? He could only wait at home, watch Jack Parr, and worry. It was the role of a son.

Joke #2: Buh bye folks! I appreciate your business. Enjoy your single gigantic spark plug!

Joke #3: Johnny was at his wit's end. Mom and Dad had been fighting all afternoon. He'd had all he could take. On the ride home, he made them stand in the trunk, so he could have some peace.

Joke#5: Buh bye folks! Thanks for stopping by! Them spark plugs should last you a year or two. Now, I'm still a little drunk from lunch, and I'm not sure if I put those in right, so if you ever get out of the car, try to wear rubber shoes or you'll ground and be vaporized. Come back soon!

 Joke #6: It was a controversial new driver education program. Kids learn more quickly without all the "bossiness" of direct instruction. Just give them the keys and let nature take it's course. It's safer for the instructor, at least.

Joke #7: Okay, Johnny, last test. Do it just like in the book. Hands at three and nine. Carefully mash the brake and gas pedal at the same time with all your strength. I want to see lots of smoke, Johnny!

Joke #8: Johnny, stop smiling dear. You're not moving now, and the car's not going anywhere till that man puts the spark plug back in. Finish your cupcake, darling.

Joke #9:  Don't be nervous, Johnny. It's only your first solo drive. Now Remember, I left it in reverse, so you'll have to...NO JOHNNY! OH DEAR GOD!


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