Stratolounger - Gold and orange and stripes and paisley is the new black.

Gloria had been days in the preparation, but it was all worth it. Tonight's "new chair party" was going to be out of sight, and the whole neighborhood knew it.

She and Doug had spent his whole lung transplant bonus from the factory on the living room redecoration.

First, the carpet went in. That ugly old oak floor was covered in the most luxurious deep pile, in the latest shade of Bile Yellow. The other day, she had dropped a hot dog with mustard near the window and when she came back in with a cloth, she didn't know where to wipe!

Gloria was absolutely smitten with the wallpaper in the "King Edward's Royal Movement" pattern. After she had the walls done, she had plenty of wallpaper left over... enough to make the curtains! That was a fun afternoon!

All of this was just a backdrop for their new Stratolounger. They had spent weeks choosing just the right fabric. It had to go with everything, so it was quite a decision. In the end, they went with Circus Tent Velour stripe. It offset the paisleys and fleur-de-lis in the wallpaper perfectly.

Whoops! There was the doorbell! The guests were arriving. Mr and Mrs. Horstenvorst were the first to arrive. Mrs. Horstenvorst was wearing her new Fruitcake Satin pant suit, which was beautiful with the Stratolounger. And Gloria's own skirt was Gastric Mucosa Gold. Sometimes, everything just clicked!

Even Professor Hawking loved the Stratolounger in the kitchen. It doesn't take a genius to recognize good decorating! Be careful, professor! Once you lean back in the Stratolounger, next stop is the moon!


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