Nash Airliner - Sleeping in your car, made glamorous.

Joke #1: -Honey, don't you think one of us should be steering?
-Hmm? Oh, I'll steer in the morning, dear.

Joke #2: Yes, John, this is very romantic. Ooh, I just wish I could marry you all over again! You make me feel like the luckiest woman in the whole parking lot! Can we also pee in a cup and eat from a dumpster?

Joke #3: Hey... sweetie. How about me and you slip into the back seat and have Suzie drive us to that place in the park from senior prom?

Joke #4: -Psst! John! Wake up! I think there's someone outside!
-Go back to sleep, honey. There's always someone outside on the highway.

Joke #5: Mmmm, darling. Every speed bump and pavement separation feels like the magic fingers bed at that one motel you forced us to stay at.

Joke #6: This is such wonderful fun, darling! You should have lost your job years ago!


Anonymous said...

The Jokes are priceless!

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