The School of Accountancy - Will teach for brains.

Monty Python was always merciless to accountants, portraying them as "irrepressibly drab and awful". My personal experience has not borne out this stereotype. This ad from England's Picture Post magazine in 1948 did nothing to dispel the myth, thanks to the glowering Disembodied Floating Head of the founder, J.D.C. MacKay.

As a DFH, it's sort of "meh". Mostly because they left the neck on the head. To be truly disembodied, you'd need to trim the neck from under the chin, to leave the head properly floating. But check out the stare! Yikes almighty.

Now that I look at it, he doesn't look so much dull as evil. MacKay looks as likely to tear out your throat as explain amortization. Honestly, so malevolent is his frown that I think the school would have been better off not using the picture. Why not use an ink drawing of a happy graduate with dollar signs flying out of his head like everybody else? Nope. If the school was founded by Uncle Eats-your-face, his scary puss goes on the ad.

Sure, there's plenty you could learn from a man like this: the value of British Pounds as compared to, say, sweet juicy brains for example. Should you defer the expenses incurred while harvesting human souls to the following year or reconcile them this year? J.D.C.'s your man. I'm sure the commute to campus won't be a back breaker. He probably will flit through your bedroom window in the dark of night to discuss your marks.

In one of our stellar historical document coups, Phil Are Go! HQ has acquired the syllabus from J.D.C.E.F.G.H.I.J. MacKay's Freshman course. See what you've missed by being born too late, stupid?

Ch 12 - Auditing liquid assets via the "long curved knife" method.

Ch 34 - Fleeing the mortal villagers through non-corporeal travel: Knowing when to become an "intangible asset".

Ch 6 - Manufacturing overhead.

Ch 7 - Manufacturing overbody.

Ch 9 - Issuing prospectus, prospectres, and free roaming spirits.

Ch 30 - Redemption value, and why it should always always ALWAYS be zero!

Ch 4 - Performing the Rite of Rescission.

Ch 10 -  Soul proprietorship. Storing the soul as a tax-deferred expense.

Ch 19 - Absorption costing: Blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood.

Ch 7 - Withholding the soul from those meddling kids.

Ch 13 - Split Offering: Again with the long curved knife?

Ch 2 - Double-Declining-Balance Depreciation Method (DDB): Murdering lots of people and messily devouring them.

Ch 41 - Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC): How to get into people's houses when they're sleeping so you can kill and eat them.

Ch 22 - Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB): Hiding from them in your dank, subterranean crypt.


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