Little Ads - Get a life, today!

Joke #1: Hurry today to take advantage of this amazing offer manufacturing worthless crap before China takes over the worthless crap industry in the 1970's!
Joke #2: Hmm. I wonder if that's the same Money Menfrey that taught gym in my high school?

Learn the secrets of ventriloquism for a life of glamor and intrigue! Be the creepy weirdo at your next party. Be the suspect of every murder!

Hi, I'm having trouble opening my cigarettes. Can you make me a key? Hello?

Joke #1: I always play as Fistula. You should see his special attack!
Joke #2: Well, some things just shouldn't be put in your buttula!
Joke #3: Wow. Rectal arthritis? Really?

Get your anemometer today! Never wonder about duct air speed again. be the life of the party. ...Well, the life of the END of the party anyway.

Hi honey. Guess what? "By the power of grayskull!". I also bought some fur underpants. Pretty hot, huh? Are you turned on yet? Hello? Honey?

If you live in Chicago, you already are an expert in traffic. Most people would rather be an expert in driving quickly and happily to work. Go to hell, LaSalle extension university.

Sure I can help you move that couch. Let me get out my 3/16 allen wrench and adjust my "opening" first.


Craig F. said...

Judging by the number of ads in the back of Popular Mechanics, rupture was an epidemic on a scale rivaled only by the influenza epidemic of 1918.

Little known fact: In the 1930s, everything from luggage to underpants was made from cast iron.

You couldn't pick up a pillow without popping a stitch.

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