Philco refrigerator - Just a quickie.

Time is short again this morning, so instead of posting nothing at all, here's a nice ad for a Philco fridge. It features a nice re-rendered photograph. It doesn't really deserve any jokes, so if it weren't for quick posts like this morning, it may not have been used, otherwise. More jokes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

what a sexy fridge! What a modest wife!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

But of course she was completely nude on the side of her body obscured by the fridge door. Hot cha cha!

Thanks, Anon!


Mat Black said...

Apparently this was an experimental refrigerator which used some kind of poisonous gas to keep food cold. I wonder why they didn't become the standard? Who wouldn't want to wear a bitchin' helmet like that?

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