Texaco Sky Chief - Something funny going on.

There is was again. That funny feeling in the back of Ray Framp's mind that something funny was going on, right under his nose. He just couldn't put his finger on it.
Owning a gas station was a decent way to make a living. He couldn't spend every day at the station, but that was okay. He had Dan to manage it for him.

 Dan was young, but also a surprisingly good, enthusiastic guy that willingly took on responsibility. Ray felt good having Dan around, like he could breathe a little easier. Dan certainly knew the ins and outs of Texaco gasolines. He was always ready to explain how importance it is to keep your engine running clean and strong. Ray felt that, in time, when he was ready to retire, he could hand the station over to Dan, almost like a son.

Irene came to the station to fill up the Buick regularly. Ray was adamant about that. He wasn't having any second-tier gasoline put in his car. Nope. Only clean, pure Texaco, sold from his very own station. Irene was a good wife. She kept a neat house and was a safe driver. She could have married a lawyer or a factory owner, but she loved Ray for his dedication to quality gasolines. Ray's friends had made fun of him for marrying a woman so much younger than himself, but they didn't know Irene like he did. She was good as gold.

She came by the station every Saturday to top off the tank before going shopping. Ray liked to see her happy, chatting with Dan about the new formulations Texaco had on offer. What else was there to talk about? Nobody could hold a candle to Texaco's Petrox. Dan and Irene both knew that. Irene was gorgeous in her Lilac coat. God, he loved her.

But still. Something bothered Ray. Did Irene stare a little too long while Dan wished her a good morning? Dan was attentive and polite, as always, but was something different about his smile on Saturday mornings? Were his strong, reliable eyebrows a little too high? Cheeks a little flushed? He always straightened his tie when he saw Irene pulling up. Ray liked to see Dan keeping sharp in front of the customers. It's what kept them coming back.

But, boy, that nagging feeling. Probably just his imagination.


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