Coyne School - Clip coupon now (the)!

Joke #1: While one technician carefully monitors the internals for efficient charging, the other carefully winds up the mechanism for the loudest "Pope Goes the Weasel" performance ever.

Joke #2: "Well, you shouldn't have done that. Well, might as well stick your other hand in there and get your first hand back, retard."

Joke #3: The shops of Coyne are already training today's engineers to repair the motors of tomorrow's mighty "Toyota Prius", which will some day be a vehicle seventy yards long, weighing sixty tons, and will carry four passengers several miles on a single glass of electrons!

Joke #4: "Thanks for coming out here at such short notice. I don't know what I was thinking, applying a charge before coupling to a state, and radiatively linking to a ground state. Say, are you going to the soda social in hangar 212B on Thursday?"    - Excerpt from Moff Tarkins' "The Erotic Chronicles of a Death Star Technician".

Joke #5: "Yeah, it's like I thought. Your alternator's dead. I could try re-winding the armature, but it'd take a day, and it may not even work. Why'd you have to buy a frikkin Hummer anyway? I keep telling you you've got nothing to prove to me."

Joke #1: Here at the Coyne School, students are taught to disassemble televisions and poke at them, much as Australopithecus once baffled at dead gazelles. Clip coupon now!

Joke #2: "I don't get how these things work. We got this thing all in pieces, but I still don't see no little men inside. Saaaaay, maybe they're inside the screws? Take apart the screws!"

Joke #3: "Keebler's top researchers, working in secret, are developing the ultimate Vanilla Wafer, which sustains vanilla deliciousness levels (V.D.L.) so scrumptious, each cookie must be stabilized by an external  yumtastic vanillazation system (Y.V.S.).


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