Lego Week Pt 3 - Poolside Cabana

This set was released in 1992 as set 6416 Poolside Paradise. This set is clearly intended for girls, so how did a big giant man like me wind up with it, or at least the instruction booklet? I bought a mixed lot of legos a few years back and it was thrown in the mix., as well as the instruction booklet.

I'm not a girl, and I never have been, but now that I'm big and strong and emotionally secure, I can see that this set is pretty neat. It's the kind of house a drug dealer would have if he were made of legos. By the way, what's with drug dealer stuff popping up on my blog lately? Anyway, the poolside paradise has a cabana thing and a prissy little waiter and some flowers and pink crap. I don't know what parts were included in my mixed lot Ebay purchase, except for some flowers and the curved transparent door things.

Those curvy doors would have been torture for me if I'd gotten this set as a kid (apart from being mercilessly ridiculed for owning it). I'd have pounded my head against the wall trying to make them into a spaceship canopy, but they're almost useless. They only have lego patented attachment knobs (LPAKs) along the bottom and two at the top. They're a serious letdown. When I found them mixed in with my box of random online auction legos, I tried to make them into doors for a lego iPod dock... you know, like a suspended animation chamber or something? I couldn't get them to work.
Hey, check it out. A lego douchebag. Feathered hair. Sunglasses. Muscle tee. Hmm. He could be the drug dealer that owns the cabana. He didn't come with my Ebay purchase. It would have been fun to arrange a lego police officer standing on his neck while another lego officer violates him with a 1x8 lego runner, such as he deserves.

This set also had a scarlet macaw. He didn't come with my lot either. I'd remember him. He'd become my new favorite minifig. He would pilot all subsequent spaceships and race cars, terrorizing the legion of human minifigs and tearing out (in my mind) their little eyes, carrying back to his home planet (in my mind) to feed his young. See? When you're faced with wanting a girly lego set just to get your hands on some special parts, you need to find ways to make lemonade out of lemons.

Hey there he is again, in the construction diagram, driving his....

... Geo Metro convertible? Guess he over-spent on the cabana.


Sue said...

Prissy little waiter guy is really undercover drug enforcement agent ready to bounce on douche drug dealer guy after he services his female companion.

Bowler said...

There are seriously not enough legos for girls out there. We bought Riley this bucket full of pink house legos, and the bucket's like not even 1/8th full. There are no other sets to fill the bucket with. It's ridiculous. She loves the things but we can never find any more to buy for her.

Phil Are Go! said...

In researching the name and release date of the cabana drug haven Lego set, I saw lots of girly Lego sets. You can prolly find them online.

Thanks for commenting, everybody!

Anonymous said...

I had this when I was little, I have been trying to find it everywhere! aww memories. My brother had the lego pirate ship... I still think he was jealous.. thanks for posting this, has made me happy :)

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