Lego Week Pt 4 - Lego Town

Pictures like this make me sick. I doubt there ere many parents who could afford to shower their children with Legos in this fashion, but there must be some. Maybe employees of Lego, Inc. get them free? Maybe Legos are amazingly cheap in Denmark, the way oil is cheap in Saudi Arabia?

Anyway, I'd have given a limb (possibly my own) to have a Lego spread that occupied the whole kitchen table, as this Lego town apparently does. You could play with it for days and when you got tired of it, have every building rammed flat by a giant parrot-piloted Lego truck.

Lego town-themed sets were rarely eye-openers on their own. I'd look at them in the store and say "Yep. That's a fire station." and move on to the spaceships. However, Lego town sets were a pretty decent way to score wheels in fair numbers. A Lego fire station may have a fire engine or three, and maybe a dalmation. All the other parts were likely to be boring architectural things like "bricks" and "doors". Whee.

Lego town would have only worked for me in large masses. You'd need enough buildings to make a town square to really have some fun, in my childhood opinion. Cars could race down the streets and inevitably, a pedestrian would lose a few heads to an inattentive driver, then hide in a garage while the Lego authorities hassle suspicious looking citizens trying to locate the perp. Then some kind of car chase would happen or whatever or maybe spaceships.

Point is, the Lego authorities would have to be nearly totally incompetent for any real fun to be had. The Lego coast guard? Oh yeah, they'd have to be unfailing idiots. How well-trained could they be, having boats that sink in water? And there's no Lego water anyway... just blue plates, not that I had any. The coast guard would need to show up at the end of every Lego town adventure, to drive their boats through the front of city hall, slaughtering countless municipal employees and wasting untold Lego taxpayer dollars. Ah, childhood.


Bowler said...

Holy crap, I had that white firestation and the blue moon lander! The moon lander "minifigs" had the weird bendy arms! The memories! They're all coming back now! But seriously I had totally forgotten I even owned those things 'till I saw the picture. I remember desperately wanting that construction yard, mainly because you got a working conveyor belt and crane. Wait, I had the police station, too! I remember having the "Police" bricks, making the helicopter, and the antenna on the roof. My mind, it is blown.

I remember thinking it was cheap that they used the same yellow ladder on the moon lander as on the fire truck. AS IF! That thing wouldn't work IN SPACE!!!

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