Life Savers - Take five (of them).

In the opinion of the P.A.G. editorial staff, some pictures don't deserve jokes, but instead are really great and as such, need to see the light of day. These pictures are perfect for days when time is a little short. It's better than skipping a day. Behold, the life savers pep-o-mint roller coaster ad! I'm not sure why Blogger is displaying the "preview" version you see here so uglifully. If you click through to the big one, you can see it's much nicer.

 Looking at the loose, geometric linework reminded me of the album cover of Dave Brubeck's Time Out, which was painted by S. Neil Fujita. This kind of art was very much the rage in the fifties, and is beloved by me, as is this album.

On a lark, I checked the Life Savers ad for a signature and, hey, what do you know? "Erdoes". A quick Google search reveals that his first name was Richard and that he apparently had a thing for native American culture. That's great if you're in to injuns, but doing an image search on Richard Erdoes brings you lots of photos of people and not many examples of his work. I'll post what I did manage to find. I think I have a new favorite.


here kitty kitty said...

I saw this pic on zFlick and liked it a lot, so I dropped it into google image search, and found it here. Thanks so much for such a large clear image, and for identifying the artist. Thanks, Kitty

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