Men staring at machines - A caption trilogy, almost.

Joke #1: Roger that, we have an open channel. Drives are in sync? Check. Cooling systems are optimal? Check. Begin transcoding in three, two one. Begin transcoding. “Dear mom,” wait, wait! We’ve spent fifty dollars already! Goddmn AOL. Soon as I can, I’m signing up for Prodigy.

Joke #2: Good morning, Cliff. Keep an eye on motor  number two. It was buzzing a little last night. That reel over there is just a bout full. Do we have any spares? Good. Man, I’m beat. See you tomorrow, Cliff. You know, I need a bigger thermos. Some nights its like there’s not enough coffee in the world to get me through my shift, heh heh. It’ll be worth it, though. In just another month or two, we’ll have his thing programmed to record an entire season of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Joke #3: “Sir, the new printouts seem to indicate that there’s a new block coming down. It’s a green one shaped like an S”.
“Hell! We do not need this now! Okay, okay. Issue a ninety degree rotate command, click it twice to the right, do a drop command, and then give me a screen summary… and do it fast! Maybe we can clear a row with the next block.”

Joke #1: One of the more cheerful days at a typical German laundromat.

Joke#2: “Don, do you ever dream of switching sides? You know… I watch your screens and you watch mine? Just for a little while?”.
“Shut up, Gabe”.

Joke #4: “Christ, Troy. Do you have to have brussles sprouts EVERY day at lunch? You’re frikking killing me.”

Joke #5: The U.S. Navy’s Santa Claus vigil. Day 240.


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