Kooking Kornir 1

Phil Are Go!'s Kooking Kornir is sponsored by Saran Wrap, the food wrap that expects leftovers every night. Saran Wrap - Helping you finish it yourself for over fifty years.

Spaghetti is a buffet supper standby. Offer your guests a choice of sauces in a variety of containers. For that "Au Revoir Roma!" atmosphere, illuminate your table with oil lamps, filled with delicious spaghetti sauce of course! Let the romantic flicker of open flame set fire to their appetites. "Ole, Napoli!"

Kids can be so hard to please, and their youth culture can be confusing to a concerned parent. Show them you're "in the groove" with this super fun salad bong, served with various dry pastas. They'll crunch crunch CRUNCH their munchies away, just like those kids in the back of the van! And one thing's for sure: they'll think twice before calling their mom a "square"!

Prime rib of beef in a regal pose. Select a well-aged cut, and remember to look for a little meat marbled in with the fat. A quality meat thermometer is important for confident roasting. The meat is done when the needle begins to move. Now, some of your guests may be in on the new "health craze", so you may want to include a sprig of parsley underneath one corner of the entree. They'll be delighted with your light dining options and you can look at the dinner tableau and pretend the vegetable just lost a wrestling match to meat, the king of beefs!


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