World's Fair 1964 - Hall of Education. Yes, please.

I can't think of what to call this architectural style. Modernism, Cubism, and Super Coolism are all in the running.

This is a postcard I found in an antique store while my girlfriend was looking at bracelets. It cost me a dollar, but the bracelet was a little more expensive. The following is on the back:

Gorgeous building. So what's there now? A couple of trees. Here's a map of the '64 World's Fair. The Hall of Education is number 21.

Trees are nice and all, but there are lots of uglier buildings in New York that didn't get flattened. Ah well.

 Here's what Mr. and Mrs. Namewitheld had to say about their trip...

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Dave Pryor said...

This is a very emotional posting. I don't know much about the NY world's fair, but the idea that all these buildings were made to be torn down afterwards is pretty heartbreaking, especially when they look this cool. Looking at the map, I see it was around Queens NY, so I expect Archie Bunker strolled around there with a young Edith.

Sue said...

That's what my dream house looks like!

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