Kooking Kornir 4

Your fruits and vegetables are always at their best when suspended in a gelatinous bourbon casting. Planning an outdoor function? Be sure to weatherproof your mold with three coats of marine varnish. Spray on for best finish, and wet sand between coats with 300 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper. A little wax never hurts! Watch the rain roll right off your dee-lush-ous dessert and watch your guests roll right off their chairs!

Asparagus has seen a new popularity in the health-conscious seventies. Make those spears more palatable with our patented veggie sauce. Mix four cups zesty Italian dressing, two cups mayonnaise, and eight tablespoons of marshmallow fluff. Drizzle over asparagus for a healthy side dish that''s sure to please!

Look out, general! That ground beef has our catsup surrounded! Boerf mon deiu! Make a light summertime lunch of hamburger with catsup for dipping. It's steak served continental-style! Wow them with shrimp in tangy french dressing puddles as an appetizer.

Bees stay away! Our bar-b-que brought it's own bug! Our hamburger-banana dragonfly will add a fanciful twist to your next backyard get together. Just roll burger meat into fist-sized balls for the thorax and abdominal segments and accent with sun-roasted banana wings. Garnish with spinach and watch your dragonfly fly off the platter! It's Mmm-mmm-magical!


Phil said...

Brother Phil, your wit knows no limits. Whenever I feel laugh-deficient, I head to the Phil Are Go Drive-thru for some Chi-nese take-out. keep up the good work.

Phil Are Go! said...

Wow! Thanks for the good review, myself! I don't post anything that doesn't make me laugh, or at least smirk. So it's great to get this kind of recognition from another coy of myself. Oh, hey, before I forget: don't let me (you) forget to pick up my (your) dry cleaning before they give my clothes away to some undeserving hobo. I can't have just anyone walking around looking like me. I hope the bolognese stain came out of my (your) white shirt. It's nearly new.

Thanks for reading!

Sent from my frivolous, unnecessary doohickey that Steve Jobs uses to control what web content I am allowed to view.

Phil Are Go! said...

Damn. I should have called Phil my jokey doppelgänger. That would have been great. Must have editorial staff go back and edit that comment. Leave note for self, possibly Phil.

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