Little Ads - Many jobs! Several opportunities!

Joke #1 - "Thirteen down. A three letter word for 'enjoyment' or 'pleasure'....... Oh, Bazooka Joe, your crossword puzzle has stumped me again."

Joke #2 - "Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twen... Gasp! I've been burgled! Someone has STOLEN my favorite molecule! HELP! POLICE! Err, I mean...REALLY SMALL POLICE!"

It's not fair to stereotype, but the man in the picture looks really excited to find that there are Audel career guides for choreography and fashion design.

Joke #1 - "So, if we check the sending wire to the altimeter, we can then be sure that ... Is that your hand?

Joke #2 - "Aah ha ha ha ha ha! If you look closely at the back of the hydraulic pressure gauge, you'll see that somebody has changed out the line for a higher-rated 4 p.s.i.hose! HA hah hah hah! Must have been one of those jokers over in supply! They know darn well our hydraulic pressure gauge feed lines never exceed 112 bar! I bet is was Corky. Man, I'm gonna give that clown such a ribbing at lunch! Jeez, those guys really crack me up!"

"Many opportunities in freelance ghost-busting! Train at home in your spare time! Fun, interesting job anyone can do! Build your own proton pack! Easy payments! Choose from one of three sample ghosts: free roaming vapor, malevolent spirit, or level twelve demi-lich (see next ad). Soon you'll see why that busting makes you feel good!"

 "Learn to write like an expert penman! Train at home with free book by Cryptkeeper T.M. Tevis. Begin now! Learn to write funeral greetings, epitaphs, remembrances, and obituaries for BIG PAY! Hurry! He won't last long!"

"Photography for pleasure or profit! Learn to take beautiful photographs, like the engraving below. Wait, what?"


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