Quick Cadillac

Late start this morning. Here's a Cadillac ad to stare at. I don't like Cadillacs, and never really have. The new ones are so boxy that they look like buildings. Cars should not look like buildings. This example is from 1952, when Cadillacs were bulbous, phallic, and largely fulfilled the wishes of most American male car buyers. Note the two chrome tits on the bumper. Classy! When one person calls "fun" and "exciting", another person sees as "juvenile". Anyway, it's a nice eyeful.


Dan said...

Little bit of trivia - those chrome tits are often called Dagmars by old car enthusiasts. "Dagmar" after the early 1950s TV actress.


Sue said...

What's with the necklace? Does it come with the car? You get the car, the little lady get's the jewels to distract her from big shiny, boob bearing car? I'd rather have the bodacious Dagmar car!!

Phil Are Go! said...

Well, at ;east I'm not the only one who recognizes the chrome tits for what they are. Thanks for the information, Dan!

If we could only see the back of the car, we could see the trademarked Cadillac "verjoinya" just above the license plate.

Sue, I think the necklace was intended to make you associate luxury with the brand. Subtle, huh?

Thanks for posting to both of you!

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