Little Ads - Test own, ummmm, "E", "A", I mean "Y".

Joke #1 - Test own eyes right at home. Sue self for malpractice right at home.

Joke #2 - Tempt owl ears right of whole. SAIL up to ISOO of grasses.

Joke #3 - NEW! Point at new sensational device right at home!

Joke #1 - NOW he has what looks almost like A NEW SKIN... and new nose, and lips. STILL looks like SISSY! Read FREE offer!

Joke #2 - The great Acne Treatise of 1948 was one the first peacetime accords put forth by the United Nations in the postwar era.

Joke #1 - Draw anything you can see with lucy! Imagine your new life as operator B!

Joke #2 - Looks like a fun, artsy new way to stalk your soon-to-be girlfriend.

Joke #1 - Unfortunate that they chose to print the only drawing of the user being electrocuted. Come to think of it, the artist must draw pretty fast!


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