Little Ads - From science, to your door.

More from the back pages of Popular Science, 1948, where advertisers have very little to spend on advertising. Fortunately for them, the readers have little to spend on critical thinking. Onward!

Also keeps dust out of your nose when building your house out of bricks, sticks, or straw.

Hm! It's interesting to see that Mr. Microphone was available decades earlier than our History and Garage Sale Squad (HGSS) previously thought. Mankind hadn't yet though of using it for skeevy purposes in 1948, though. Re: "Hey good lookin', we'll be back to pick you up later."

"Fun", huh? Well, in '48, anything that didn't involve bombs or eating sawdust bread probably seemed like a real hoot. Free pass for the Vitabrush.

"You too, can become a creepy prick, or 'person of interest'." Capitalizing on the well-established principal that women become moist as spring when randomly harassed, the Yoder Mufg Co. developed the Hollywood Wolf Whistle. I dream of proud Wolf Whistle owners in the aftermath of car accidents, leaning unconscious on the horn, blood pouring, and the car whistling lasciviously at the cement truck half parked on the hood. This warm feeling gives me the will to live another day.


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