Clay Car Model - Learning through smooshing.

Joke #1 - "Soooo, Kent, you DO know you don't need to use glue when making a clay model, right?"

Joke #2 - "While I do like your use of clay in making the body, I have to question the wisdom of cardboard wheels."

Joke #3 - "Uh huh, uh huh. I like your design, Kent. Howsabout we go crash test your car out the window, shall we.?

Joke #4 - "Kent, I cannot criticize you for wearing that shirt, but I really feel the need to point out that the market for a car this gay is really really small."

Joke #5 - Finding that plastic body panels made their cars rust proof but simply too durable, engineers at Saturn experiment with cars made of clay, to better match the life span of the engines."

Joke #6 - "Kent, I'm going to need you to reduce the 'blowfulness' of your design by, say, this much.Hang on, I keep a baseball bat in my office just for this purpose."

Joke #7 - "Ah yes, excellent design. Will there be a larger model for the obese?"

Joke #8 - "Know what, Kent? These cardboard wheels are wasted on your F minus car. I'm going to give them to Rory for his groovy pickup truck."

Joke #9 - In 1992, designers at Pontiac desperately tried to come up with a body shape that would keep the paint from falling off the Grand Am.


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