Magee Carpet - Honeymoon in the park.

Here's a happy young couple newly married - possibly to each other. They're about to begin a new life together. The vows have been said. The cake's been cut. And the guests and well-wishers have all gone home. Now it's time for Vestor to carry his new bride across the threshold of their new Cathedral patterned carpet by Magee.
Vestor had taken full advantage of all the G.I. bill had to offer. He'd secured a loan for the carpet, as well as a 12 x 15 foot patch of land near their church, where god could judge them whenever they needed it.

Their new Cathedral by Magee was everything Denise could want. It was long-wearing, and woven of wonderful nylon fiber in a pattern that was a modern classic. And best of all, it was a deep, vibrant beige... her favorite non-color.

They could sleep over on the left, closer to the tree, and they could eat on the opposite side, where the sun was brighter. When their friends came to visit, they could all relax in the middle and share their evening in comfort. When it rained, they could hide underneath it and emerge when the world was washed clean and new.

Vestor couldn't imagine sharing a rug with any girl but Denise, and now the greatest moment had come. He easily lifted her in his arms, so dainty was she, and stepped over the triple-stitched edge of their new rug, and into a bright new stain-resistant life together.

A frisbee whacked him in the back of the head.


Dan said...

Love among the upwardly mobile hobos... almost brings a tear to yer eye...

Sue said...

Is Vestor already looking at the first pee stain from the new puppy (or any other dog or homeless person on the church grounds)?

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