Saturday Evening Post - Atlanta GA, by John Falter

Time is a little short this morning, so here's an opportunity to post one of the good pictures that's too good for jokes. It's a Saturday Evening Post cover by John Falter. The cover made me buy this magazine. The price was right, so I didn't need to open it to look for good joke fodder. The cover was enough. It's a painting of downtown Atlanta by an artist I"d never heard of called John Falter. I instructed the Scanning, Mimeograph and Viewmaster Dept to present it in slightly higher than usual resolution A) because it's really nice and B) there's not much other content in today's post. Click through the image to get it. Don't click through to don't get it.

Paintings like this take a long time to do. I hope they paid Falter well for the effort it took to produce work of this detail. Nice work, John!

More jokes tomorrow!


Dan said...

Nice. Interesting how all the cars are just slightly off from actual models. As if Falter were concerned about Ford coming after him for accurately reproducing the 1959 Fairlane.

Hey, how do I go about submitterating a scan of an old ad? Got a good one for you.

Phil Are Go! said...

Pictures may be submitted to philarego@gmail.com. Thanks for giving enough of a damn to contribute to the blorg! Higher resolution is better than lower resolution!

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