Apology / Excuse - No post today.

Due to one thing and another, and also some other stuff, there will be no post today.

[P.A.G. internal memorandum follows]

The Images and Scanning Them Squad blames today's non-post on the downtime of the Okidata AdequateScan 620 image scanner for the lack of content in today's post, (which is not really a post).

The Refreshment & Perishables Dept. regrets the reappropriation of the Okidata's SCSI cable for the experimental online operability of the waffle maker. While their efforts are sure to forward the boundaries of breakfast connectivity in the long run, they have been reprimanded for their shortsightedness.

The Images and Scanning Them Squad demands satisfaction, and say they will settle this at the foosball table. The Refreshment & Perishables Dept. doesn't see what the big deal is, but agrees to the grudge match, adding "your ma".

Foosball tickets will be on sale in the east cafeteria of Go! Tower at lunch today, with the competition scheduled for tomorrow's lunch hour. The entree will be hamdingers almondine. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the procurement of a second SCSI cable, to avoid such cockups in the future.

We apologize for the lack of a post today. This is not a post.

Sherbet Grom
Phil Are Go! Apologies and Excuses Supervisor
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Craig said...

This stinks.


Phil Are Go! said...

Phil Are Go! welcome reader editorials, especially those expressing chagrin at a day filled with the absence of our life-giving content. Further, we welcome editorials even more in the form of cash or sparkly valuables. Phil Are Go! do not welcome editorial puppies. They stink up the place and make a lot of noise.

Thank you for your continued patronage, Craig Craigson.

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