State Farm - The hard call home.

Joke #1 -"Dad, I am in so much trouble! Can you come bail me out? I picked up a cop at a party, and it turns out he's this cute girl's dad."

Joke #2 - "Hello, dad? Can you wire me a dime so I can call mom and ask her to wire me bail money?"

Joke #3 - "Hello, sir? I'm at the police station. I've just arrested your policeman son, and he'll probably want you to come bail him out."

Joke #4 - "Hey, Mugsy? I think the coast is clear. I'll start killing a bunch of people now."

Joke #5 - "Who knew the library was a 'no-kanoodling' zone?"

Joke #6 - "Well, I better go, Spike. These cops want to arrest this innocent-looking girl behind me. See you at the scene of our crime."

Joke #7 - Donald's big mistake was in failing to ask the officer if Domino's delivers to the jail BEFORE using his one free call.

Joke #8 - "Okay, Ritchie, how many Chicago cops does it take to throw a guy down the stairs? None! The poor guy musta slipped! BWAH hah hah hah hah. Well, I gotta go, Rich. I gotta finish getting arrested now."

Joke #9 - "Hi, Grandpa. Say, have you ever heard of 'THC'? Eeh, that's okay. Listen, how much money have you got handy?..."

UPDATE: The victors of the foosball grudge mach re: the Okidata AdequateScan 620 SCSI cable mishandling was the Images and Scanning Them Squad. The Refreshment and Perishables Dept. will have to perform the Ritual of Forfeit in the employee lounge this afternoon at three. Volunteers are being asked to assist in draping the furniture with plastic dropcloths in preparation. We apologize that the lounge will be unavailable for use during this humiliatory event.


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