Body by Fisher - Designing the better half.

The Looking For Pictures team dropped another Body by Fisher ad on my desk this morning. Thanks to Craig and Dan for 'splaining me up about how coachbuilders work. This one's easier to make fun of. Half a car.

Yes, it looks retarded, but I can imagine their reasoning behind this. They (the ad execs) believe people fantasize about absolute silence, such that they completely forget the car exists beyond the footwells. Everyone craves the silence that only the cold,dead void of space can give you. They thought this because all ad execs are retarded. Prove me wrong.

So, get some models to sit in a Buick and have an artist "plus up" the resulting photo, carefully omitting the front third of the car. Masterpiece!

The artist sort of didn't know what to put in the wheel well, having cut out the rear wheel. I think the "black with blue pointy things" looks half done.

Nice job painting over the chrome. The top half of the bumper was mostly left as- it was, but the bottom half has been cleverly painted to reflect the colors in the background, instead of the studio floor. Cheeky.

I know this ad predates Akira by around forty years, but I still think the blurry, streaky tail light effect is the sole right of Katsuhiro Otomo. No other shall use it. So let it be written. So let it be done.

This logo is so cool I want to frame it.


Craig said...

This was the pilot for Starblazers, before they cruised around space in a battleship.

Craig said...

Let me also say this:

Carmakers in the 1950s and 1960s were really good at making quiet cars. Drive a 1960s full size GM car and at 40 miles an hour all you can hear the tires rolling against the pavement.

The other thing that really irritates me about modern cars is that you can't open the windows anymore. I have a '68 Riviera. It's ok with the windows up, but with all four windows down, it's almost as quiet, and there's virtually no wind buffeting inside.

Roll the window down in a new Lexus and it immediately wants to suck your hat off your head and blow what's left of your hair in your face. Roll one rear window down and it the air pressure inside starts to cavitate like there's a Bell Huey trying to take off inside the car. You can feel it in your eardrums. It's awful.

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