Sal Hepatica - The cure for the common colon.

This ad just didn't make sense to me at first glance. They're selling what to cure what? Subsequent glances didn't change things. That's because this doesn't make sense. Apparently there was a product intended to help cure a cold by making you crap more. What? Yep.
Apparently it was called Sal Hepatica. Also, he's the guy who sells papers at a corner on my way to work. Poor guy. That's like if my last name were Magnesia. Anyway, there's a reason I'd never heard of using a laxative to cure a cold, and that's because history has abandoned this line of thinking in favor of more "sciencey" things like viruses.

Of course, there's still a healthy (in numbers, not in health) group of people who think that we are all carrying around forty pounds of sludge in our butts unless we go have ourselves hosed out every month. This is untrue. After you have a poo, you're needle's on empty. Anyone not trying to sell you wheatgrass juice will tell you the same. If your colon's not working right, you'll know it. You won't need Robin Quivers to tell you to shoot coffee up your backside.

This ad is not part of the detox movement (See what I did there?). It's just a laxative. Constipation is a real thing, but there's no link between your butt and your nose unless that's what you're into.

The pictures are nice and funny, though. They could use a few jokes.



Craig said...

People in immediate post-war era advertisements had two major problems: They all had hernias and none of them could take a dump.

I think these problems may have been interrelated.

Craig said...

PS: If your last name was "Magnesia," it would only be funny if your first name was "Philkov".

What would be really funny is if your last name was "McCann."

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