New, From Science! - Cheesecake, Nutcase, Cheesecake.

New Wells Pool Alarm features electric components inside aluminum float, connected to electric alarm box placed on the edge of the pool. Chance of electrocution can be minimized by leaving device on a shelf in the garage. Also, boobs.

New wind-powered car also powered by ignorance of physics. Fantastic newly invented car generates approximately one third of the electricity required to move the vehicle, via wind power. Moving car turns propeller which generates a little power, which charges the battery sort of, which quickly fails to move the car any more. Pointed downhill, car is very efficient at clearcutting crowds of bystanders. No word yet on inventor's parole hearing.

Plastic film conducts electricity without use of wire elements and can be something something something - I'll be out in a minute! I'm, uuh. I'm... I'm just combing my hair!


Anonymous said...

where cheesecake science?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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