Quickie - Lincoln Center/The Met

I have a dentist appointment this morning, so time is short. My teeth, it turns out, have a timed device attached to them. So much for napping at my desk with my mouth open. In keeping with P.A.G.'s idiom, I've instructed the dentist only to use vintage techniques. Bourbon will be the only painkiller, the dental assistant will only be addressed as "toots", and any cavities will be filled with lead, preferably reclaimed lead from melted-down Dungeons and Dragons figures.

Here is a postcard of the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center. There's no date on it, but by the looks of the celebrities, the photo was taken circa 1970 or something.

I see Valeria Bertinelli, Elliot Gould, Pam Dawber, Dustin Hoffman, Marion Ross, Abe Vigoda or Larry King, Mila Kunis somehow, Grant Goodeve in his John Travolta suit, Dick Cavett, and Velma.


Craig said...

Everybody in the 1970s looked like homemade shit.

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