Joke #1 - Even as an adult, Spritle still found himself being left behind. But, coworkers at the factory didn't find his tricks as charming as his big brother did.

Joke #2 - "Uh huh. There's your problem. Your giant tube's got a case of 'man'. I'm afraid this won't be cheap."

Joke #3 - "Goddammit Jake! When there's only one man left in the jar, would it KILL you to put it on the shopping list? This sandwich is gonna suck."

Joke #4 - "... and the first number iiiiss... middle aged white man! That's middle aged white man!"

Joke #5 - "Yahtzee!"

Joke #6 come from Craig - Early Colonoscopy, Circa 1953.

Thanks, Craig!   -Mgmt.


Craig said...

Early Colonoscopy, Circa 1953.

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