Chicago is set to be rectally violated by a huge snow storm today, so the whole staff has been reassigned to the task of shoveling the promenade and commons area of Go! plaza. So, in keeping with the theorem of something>nothing, here is a thing.
Apparently there was some significant "snow event" in '54, possibly brought about by the enormous dimensional rift in the sky, seen just below the picture of Doyle Brunson.

The homeowner can be seen shoveling his roof, leading us to believe that in years gone by, people parked their cars on the roof, or that helicopters were a more common mode of transportation in the past. Research on that is pending.

Also of note is the fact that the newsboy in the red coat is making his rounds, delivering the morning dog. News was often delivered via dog in rural parts of America, with the animal barking out notable events of the day to each citizen in turn. This practice was abandoned due to problems with dog memory, difficulty teaching a dog an entire newspaper of text each day. Long after the heyday of the newsdog, many printed news outlets still dedicated large portions of their publications to trivial concerns like the smells of various butts and rolling in your own feces. Some traditions die hard.


Sue said...

Where I live now, people actually get out and shovel their roof. (Roofs caving in, ice damning, blah, blah) That picture is not too far off from how much snow we have. (Dog's aren't paper trained while delivering the paper here, tho).
Good luck on your coming Snow-a-palooza 2011!!

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