Community Silverware - Spoonin'.

Trent held Marie close. She could see the question in his eyes - the eyes that could see right through her defenses. His breath trembled in the moment.

"Doris" he began. "It's Marie", she smiled. "Marie", he re-began, "we've been together nearly a year now, and I think it's time to take the next step together.

Her eyes were like blue fire. She stared deeply into his eyebrows. "Really, Trent? I've felt the same way for so long - ever since we bought that radio together - but I was afraid to talk about it, in case you weren't ready."

"You're so cautious. That's part of your charm... that, and your collection of pre-war bottle openers." She could see Trent gathering his confidence, steeling himself for the big question.

"My darling Marie, will you help me pick out silverware? One of five exquisite patterns from Community?", he asked. His hope was burning in his eyebrows.

"You mean the brand with the lifetime wear-protection of solid silver plating?" she asked. Excitement lit her face. "Oh, I'd really like that ever so much. really, I would!"

"Oh Marie! I knew you were the right one for me! Let's do!" She could hardly restrain herself. "Let's do!" Together they ran for the Monkey Wards catalog, taking turns flipping the pages until they found the two-page spread of Community's new collection.

Oooooo, such spoons!


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