Borden's Products - Elmer begins.

So here's another ad featuring Borden's monstrous cow-human. This time Elmer is flying solo. It's about the same age as the other Borden's ads we've posted, but you'd think it was conceived before the other ads, because Borden hadn't elaborated on the concept of their cow mascot into a whole family of freaks just yet. But nope. Same age.
Here's Elmer teaching us all about the other great products made by Borden. You know, the dairy guys? Well, apparently running a diary corporation didn't keep them busy enough, and one day a guy says "I have a great idea for a hose". Is it really that surprising that a company whose success was built on cows decided to produce fertilizer along the way?

Well, it was Borden's other endeavors that led to the disfigurement of Elmer, due to a face full of pressurized acid. It was probably a chemical used in the production of vinyl for Borden's line of garden hoses. Elmer's face was melted, running down his neck to form the strange labial mess we see in this picture.

It reflects well on the Borden corporation that they let him keep his job as corporate spokesmonster. Perhaps it was an attempt to persuade him not to press charges? Maybe the marketing people thought it made him seem more "real"? Maybe Elmer was just that good at selling. A real pro.

P.S. Can we assume that the fertilizer spreader is full of Elmer's dumps? I mean, why would a cow buy fertilizer?


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