Antiques Creepshow - Salty salt & pepper shakers.

We got something classy for you mugs today. The P.A.G. Yard Sale Assault Squad strayed a little off-mission recently, unearthing this classy set of salt and pepper shakers that look like lady parts, there. This ought swank up the joint, but good!

See? Let's say you're sittin' around a table, haven't some steak, talkin' about how youse guys gotta whack some bum, and the mood is kinda dark or somethin. So's you say "Jeez, there. My steak is kinda bland. I needs me some salt and or pepper there. I'll just... whoa! Boobs! Bab hah hah hah hahahahaha." Then all your pals go "Bah hah hah hah hahahaha" too, because the salt and pepper shakers look like boobs. Boom. Life of the party.

Go and buy 'em. Thirty bucks cheap. Why, I wouldn't punch a guy for thirty bucks. So, that makes one of those "must-have's" or whatever. Nice shakers, baby.
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