Cypress Coffee Room, Hotel Louis, Joliet, IL - Delightfully Dank.

If you're planning a trip to downtown Joliet  this summer - to see the christening of the new barge, or perhaps to visit an incarcerated family member at one of our extra-safe correctional facilities - why not stay at the luxurious Hotel Louis where you can "take a load off" at the Cypress Coffee Room?
Nestled in the "Basement Louis", the Cypress Coffee room awaits your tired feet and hungry tummy. We can accommodate parties from zero to  fifty guests who will have a hard time choosing what to order from our menu of Duncan Hines recommended foods, graciously provided by Duncan Hines Inc. If it comes as a powder in a box, we can make it!

Our new "nautical" decor sets an exotic mood. You'll think you're enjoying your brownie and Sanka on the shores of the I&M Canal itself, where love is always in the water! Ooh la la!

Ahoy, matey! Those signal pennants are ready to welcome any traveler's prow to the Cape of Good Times!

Thanks to our new art, you'll feel like dropping anchor in "relaxation lagoon"! You'll want to wander off into our painting, but don't. The watercolor is far too deep, ha ha!

If this summer is like most, you'll want to be the lucky patron to sit in "downdraft corner", where you can enjoy the frosty expulsions of our newly repaired rooftop air conditioner. Hey! Look at those ceiling tiles. You complained. We listened. Water damage all gone as of February!

Come and stay at the Hotel Louis and when you do, be sure to visit the Cypress Room, where sitting knows no bounds!

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