Avon for Men('s daughters to buy them an easy gift).

This spring's new fragrances for men have just arrived for '67, and your daughter's father will appear to love it! Choose from several refreshing "scents" in bottles shaped like stuff! Let your daughter choose a shape from our catalog and in just six weeks you get to see how it smells, long after you've paid for it! Get ready for your man to smell affordable!
Avon introduces four wild new mostly different fragrances in glass shapes for fathers' day. "Gavel" is an exciting blend of Easy-Off and pine nuts in a glass hammer. Odor in the court, everyone!

"Tribute" evokes the musky history of Greece with it's evocative musk fundamental with just a hint of Easy-Off top notes for additional evocativity. Man the walls? First, woman the man!

"Mallard" is shaped like a duck! Send his mind reeling to the forest with the rich scent of Easy-Off! May contain Easy-Off.

"Western Choice" is our newest tribute to the manly world of cowboys and leather. Decanted from our glass steer horns, this thrilling mix of Easy-Off and some other things will have him coming 'round YOUR mountain when he comes!

*Interesting note. Photographing mirrored finishes usually requires the photographer to hide the camera. In this case, you can see the camera and tripod poking out from between two large white cards. You can see the highlight on the tripod's leg.


Phil Jr. said...

I am not suprised to see that the cast of the P.A.G. Players has been stunned into silence. I mean, who could be so vain as to think they could conjur a rejoinder worthy of following 'odor in the court'? That one made me snort, and thats a good thing.

Phil Are Go! said...

It was hard to think of jokes for these Avon cologne/human repellent cannisters. The product alone is enough. One of my mom's friends was an "Avon Lady", and I think I had a little bottle shaped like the Good Year blimp with some kind of smell juice in it. Guess what? I wanted it because it was shaped like a thing.

Thanks, Other Phil!

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