Military Short Wave - Tuning in dorkio.

Joke #1 - "Wow! TWINS, huh?. I think I'm staring to salute! Tell you what: I'll whisper the launch codes to you if you tell me what you're wearing."

Joke #2 - "Yeah, the colonel will let me borrow the tank any time I want. But I can only fit through the hatch of the Patton because my arms are so big. Why don't I come pick you two up in it and we can 'tune in Tokyo', just the three of us?"

Joke #3 - AOL customer service call center, 2009.

Joke #4 - "Yes, the sump pump is still running fine. Can I come back upstairs now? Over."

Joke #5 - "Huh? I thought it was YOUR turn to run the numbers station tonight! Hurry up! Go! Say twelve!"

Joke #6 "Oh, yah! We like to make the sexy talk also! Umm, I am poking you in bottom wit plate of strudel. How does feel?"

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Phil Jr. said...

A moment in time:
Feldon 'The Colonel' Pinkle works the mixing board at Def Row Records. Meanwhile, in the studio, a young Susan Boyle raps the lyrics of Edith Bunker, shown here penning one of her numerous hits.

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