Lancer Pools - Car from another world.

Just ten or so pages past the ad with the bear from another dimension, we find this pool/car dimensionally anomalous ad for Lancer pools in the very same 1959 issue of Life magazine. We'll go easy on them in the "execution" column because their art comping tools amounted to scissors and glue. However, they still get graded heavily on concept and design. Lancer Pools: negative a million for baffling decisions.

Painting of suburban backyard. Check. Happy ethnocentric white bread family enjoying pool. Check. Price of pool printed large and tilty to show how excited we should be. Check. Pasted-in photograph of a super compact car. Check. Doubleyou tee eff?

"Hi Becky! I just thought I'd come see your new pool in my new extra-realistic car. Hope you don't mind that I brought my loosely-painted daughter along! I think you'll notice she's loosely painted, just like me and my absent husband. I can't help but notice you're loosely painted too, as is your back yard. That's all great, but how do you like my totally realistic car? Pretty distracting, huh?"

Let's reserve judgment. Maybe the company had a tie-in with a car manufacturer?
Hey! Check it out! For some reason, Lancer DID mention that their pools are so affordable, everyone can buy a second car, specifically, a Renault Dauphine! Why? No idea. But, the car totally upstages the pool, which presumably is supposed to be the star of the show. Frikkin' weird, man.

Also, the pool features hygen-ioned-ness, which will keep your family from growing a shiny layer of algae or something... unless that's what you're into, in which case BOOO for hynegne-inoeen!


Craig F. said...

Say, let's take the shittiest French car we can find and make that the ultimate example of cheapness! Who needs Volkswagen?!

Also, the copy is hilarious.

"Ice skate in winter!"

Yeah, the skating is terrific, provided you don't mind raking out 400 pounds of leaves in the spring because you didn't cover it.

Or the maintenance required when you jam a sharp skate through the fiberglass.

Craig F. said...

"Proven and Accepted throughout Mexico!"


Ritual killing and buying gasoline from a dirty milk jug is accepted throughout Mexico.

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