Little Ads - Record plane stamp.

Three little ads from the very back pages of a 1958 Better Homes magazine. The cheapness of the real estate that far back in a magazine makes for fertile joke soil. Time to get dirty.

Carry a Tune. 1958's iPod. Just imagine - three hundred songs in your pocket! Special "carry a Tune" pants sold separately.

Records carried in the Carry a Tune are not authorized to be carried in any other record caddy. Also, each successive version of the Carry a Tune will be larger, adding questionable functionality and will take exponentially longer to open. Records can only be listened to while stored in the Carry a Tune. Records cannot be removed from Carry a Tune. A smaller version of Carry a Tune will be released annually, until it becomes too small to use. Then, subsequent Carry a Tune's will grow larger and larger until it becomes too large to carry. Then, Carry a Tune will decide you need to re-purchase your record collection...

There's nothing especially funny about the picture, except that they might have chosen to rotate the airplane so that it was "hurtling skyward", instead of looking so "plummet-y".

Also, just out of shot, this plane is being chased by several blue planes blowing whistles and brandishing truncheons.

Free! U.S. Stamps. Scarce genuine postage stamp commemorating Debbie Franklin, first bald woman president of the United States. Also included, Cheryl Lincoln, Suzie Truman, Jane Quanika Adams, and Babs Roosevelt.


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