'59 Rambler Wagon - Are hue sure about that color?

Car ads are generally nice to look at. Sometimes hilarious, but sometimes a little odd, like today's ad for a '59 Rambler.
First, I had to look up this "Dedini" person. Apparently, he was such a "get" for Rambler that they proudly posted his name on their little comic. Eldon Dedini was an American comic strip guy, whose stuff tended to the ribald, but not pornographic. Swing, baby! So there's that. Moving on...

Rambler is now a dead company. First it was just Rambler, from 1900 to 1914. Then nothing for 76 years, and then Nash revived the brand in 1950 (that's weird). Then AMC merged with Nash in 1954, at which point we see this ad for their  awkwardly styled wagon, whose looks we've reviewed in the past as "blowy". Although, it's maybe not as bad as all that. The "big car" fins on a small-ish car are kind of charming.

The weird decision they made in this ad was to shoot a blue car against a sky of nearly the same color. As a result, the things that pop out of the picture are the red and pink clothes on the models. Few things in ads are mistakes, so this must have been somebody's decision. Maybe that's the only car they could get for the shoot and nobody could foresee that the sky would be blue that day?

Here's a down and dirty Photoshop of some different colors that I think may have served them better in this picture.
Changing a color in Photoshop is never a simple matter of rotating the hue around the color wheel. To do it right would take a few hours. A quickie job results in this silly pastel-y fake look, but it serves well enough to make the point. Almost anything would help avoid the polar-bear-in-a-snow-storm look of blue on blue.

Thinking about the lines on this car again, I kind of want to see this car sectioned to be a coupe, with a wheelbase so short as to be undriveable.

Much better.


Dan said...

Yes, shorty Rambler shooting brake! Perfect!

Phil Are Go! said...

Darn right! Put an overnight bag in the back and you can wheelie on every gear change.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This site has 'Phil Garner' (attended Art Center in mid sixties) written all over it. Did I guess right?

Phil Are Go! said...

Sorry, A Knee Mouse, but this "Phil Garner" fellow does not appear on the P.A.G. company rolls. However, he must be a devastatingly clever man. If he can use an unpaid snarky joke position at an up-and-coming blog, please have him submit his CV to the HR dept, Go! Tower, P.A.G. Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60606046091.

Thanks for reading, Knee Mouse!

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