Wall of Meters - Walt and Gerb.

Joke #1 - "You're kidding! They can't all go 'beep'. What about THIS one?"

Joke #2 - "Jeez, Walt. My arm's killing me. Can we switch places a little early today? You do the pointing and I'll say 'three' into the phone."

Joke #3 - "I heard someone say 'bomb'!!! Wait. False alarm. It was 'flan'."  - Deep inside the homeland security call monitoring center.

Joke #4 - "That's right sir. One of them moved. Yes, I'm sure. It could be a neutrino detection. Also, Gerb has been farting like crazy. Can I get a transfer to... WAIT! Don't hang up!"

Joke #5 - "Yes, Gerb. That dial is also my favorite. I see it."

Joke #6 - "Yes sir, I'm sure. One of them moved. Someone has activated a new AOL account!"

Joke #7 - "Well, there's a leak in the coolant reservoir. Yes, that's right. I'd give us two days before the fuel rods are exposed. Also, can we have a second chair? See, Gerb has those corns, and ...Hello?"

Joke #8 comes from Brain Thought. Thanks, Brain! - ""Check engine soon, wonder what that's all about."


BrainThought said...

"Check engine soon, wonder what that's all about.

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