Chair Froth / Fuzz

Joke #1 - In what is widely regarded as a devastatingly shrewd marketing maneuver, in 1947 the Broyhill furniture company introduced the unsettling but very affordable "Hairy Chairy - the chair that grows a beard!" for $14, alongside the heart-stoppingly expensive "chair shaver" for $1299.

Joke #2 - [Reuters] Addressing a problem with their service that has existed for years, Cinemax has announced that every monthly subscription will now include a coupon redeemable for one monthly rental of a wet-dry vac. Reaction from awkward males aged 14-22 has been unanimously positive.

Joke #3 - Carol did love her grandfather, and nothing would ever change that, but the hours of cleanup after each visit were really beginning to wear on her.

Joke #4 - Named for the distinctive sound it made when reclining, the "Whiz-a-Lounger" was purchased by many customers who misunderstood the meaning of the name, necessitating the release of the much more accurately named "Idiot Vac".

Joke #5 comes from Jeremy. Thanks Jeremy! - “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised… all of George’s Iron Bladder competitions seem to end this way.”

Joke #6, also from Jeremy - “Tupperware parties always get me sooooo excited,” cooed Francine."

Joke #7, Jeremy again! - "Announcer: But when it’s the rear end of the president of the PTA on her furniture, Thelma wants everything shipshape!"

Joke #8 is courtesy of Kurt. Thanks Kurt! - “And so, after moving the Liquid Plumber to a higher shelf, Mavis respectfully gathered what was left of Fluffy.”

Joke #9 is by John Grizmond. Thanks John! - "I’ll wipe that grin off your cushion, you coin eating bastard."

Joke #10, zinged by Jeremy once again. Quite a zing!“As a nudist upholstery cleaner salesman, you violate a lot of taboos… but you sell a lot of upholstery cleaners.”

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