Ford Mustang II - Pudgy little brother.

Hey, look! A Mustang ad. What's wrong, you don't remember this car? Yeah, not surprising.
A lot of car guys don't like the Mustang II. First off, its inception was tainted with the energy crisis of the early seventies.Many versions of the Mustang II were not so fast, especially the 4-cylinder model. Also, it was based on the much remembered Ford Pinto. Fortunately, the Mustang II didn't inherit the Pinto's "explodiness".

In 1974, they hadn't quite figured out how to reduce an engine's emissions without killing the power as well. So of course, the engine Mustang II's engine was pretty well strangled by the clean-air-jumble of hoses and filters of the time. Even if you got the V8, it only produced 140 Hp.

When gearheads get dreamy about someday restoring an old Mustang, they're almost never thinking about this one. It's underdog status is no doubt part of it's appeal to me. Besides that, I prefer the silhouette of a hatchback to the standard "three box design". I like a nice white interior too. It's very Space 1999.

This car is so cool, I think I'll 'Shop it out of it's home background and rub out James Spader leaning on the roof. I tried to reverse the badges and decals in the flipped versions, but din't bother with the lettering on the tires. Too messy. Rude Finger Graphic Gift coming right up! Big and small. left and right. You're welcome.


Sue said...

Could take or leave the outside. REALLY like the interior! They should make them like that again!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I know! The square waffle pattern on the seats is great. I'd love a white car with white interior.

Thanks for reading, Sue!

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