Oreo Cookies - Perfect for you cartoon family.

I'm a little scandalized that the Oreo package used to be yellow instead of what I have always assumed was its perpetual blueness. One thing remains the same: Oreos are a staple of daily life with your excitable weirdo family.
It's hard to choose the right snack for your family when you're a young mother recovering from cult indoctrination. Oreos are a real no-brainer, though. Good thing, too!

Know what makes a good businessman? Thinking young. Being able to get really cranked about a plate of cookies helps keep you in touch with the youth culture. So does purchasing your much-younger wife from a quasi-utopian commune. Just know the laws in your state of residence.

"Junior" can't see the top of the plate from his angle, but he knows what's for dinner! It's all his Perfect Mother ever serves. Oreos! "He" likes to get dressed up for these special Oreo dinners every night of the week. From his polka-dot hat to his rouge, eyeliner and carefully drawn eyebrows, Tad is ready for another yummy Oreo dinner. Can you tell this isn't his first all-cookie meal?

Daffy Daughter takes time from her busy day of acting out her favorite cartoons for an Oreo dinner break. The trick of letting her tongue flop out when she sees something good? She learned that from Tom & Jerry.

Nabisco cookies are enjoyed throughout the land, and they're not just for kids! Vanilla wafers are a big hit with the faculty at Hogwarts. Here, Professors Fizzlebottom, Wizzlefoss, and Bottomwoozle dish the dirt about what that naughty Malface boy did in Necromancy class. Somebody ought to woozle HIS bottom! Well, I never!

Fig Newtons are dad's secret midnight snack, but not for long. He's going to wake the whole house singing the aria from his one-man Fig Newton opera! Scotty is helping his master belt out the notes. Just look at the noise lines coming out of his head!


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, he is probably singing "FIGaro." - non mouse

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Wow. How could I not see that one staring me in the face. Something about forests and trees or something.

Thanks, non-mouse. Well joked, sir!

Anonymous said...

And while we're talking about cookies - here's some brilliant art made using Oreos: http://jgklausner.com/work/oreo-cameo#p30


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