Bromo Seltzer - Momma took her crazy pills.

Health week continues and stops today, with this ad from Bromo-Seltzer, featuring a painful lady. Clearly, her hands hurt... or maybe whatever she touches with her hands.

This ad is from 1941, when typesetting was so expensive that they omitted unnecessary words like "the" from text in large typefaces whenever possible. This is completely true, so don't even bother to fact check it even a little bit. I mean "This complete true. No you fact check."

Bromo-Seltzer was discontinued in 1975 after the discovery that the SEDATIVE ingredient, bromide, was slightly PSYCHOACTIVE and a little bit toxic. It's easy to point fingers in hindsight. So let's do some of that. Bromide was the ingredient that calmed the nerves. It was a sedative. So, it's no great surprise that, if undetected in the diet in large quantities, it could make your brain stop working right. Favorite symptoms of bromism include slurred speech, irritability and jumbled thoughts.

So now we have Alka-Seltzer (no relation), which contains a pain reliever and is already dissoved in water, so it is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Also, there's some sodium, which, again, speeds absorption through the intestines. Clever.

Mom always fed me 7-Up when the old belly was on the boil, claiming that fizzy drinks help with a sour stomach. I thought that the bubbles in Alka/Bromo - Seltzer did the same thing. However, ten minutes of Google searching brought no results on that. If anything, I'd guess that maybe the mechanical action of the bubbles doing their thing would disperse acid throughout the stomach, instead of hanging around in a big puddle? That sounds like reaching, to me. It's probably crap. Gotta get an intern to delete that from the post or I'll sound like a goof.

Bromo-Seltzer had a pretty famous jingle involving the rhythmic chanting of the product name so that it sounds like a steam engine. Hear here.

This painful lady is pretty funny. Maybe you can use her in an email to that someone special in your life? First big, then small. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Bromide in the small dosages such as in BromoSeltzer probably provided some help with nerves. Nervine was another such OTC remedy. If the condition persisted in re housewives, they'd see the doctor and get an Rx for Milltown (methocarbamate).

Unknown said...

I remember those Milltowns. I never had one personally but I remember the older ladies talking about how badly they needed a Milltown or a valium for their nerves.

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