Siroil - The psoriasis of the nightmare of psoriasis.

Even more health this week. Siroil promises to free you from the nightmare of psoriasis. You know the nightmare: the one where you're being chased by a faceless madman and your skin is really really dry.
Okay. Psoriasis sufferers, please back off. I'm sure it's a frikkin nightmare having psoriasis. Nobody's saying psoriasis is a joke, all right?

That doesn't make this picture any less funny. The woman looks as if she's annoyed by the spotlight shining on her head as much as any skin condition.

Murderers and bathtubs full of snakes are the stuff of nightmares. The one I still get is the one where I'm back in high school for some reason and A) I don't know my locker combination B) I don't know my class schedule and C) I've just remembered I haven't been to my English class in half a semester and I don't know what room it's in. This is a nightmare because it draws upon the fear of being an unprepared screwup who doesn't have his shit together, and being put on the spot and realizing you've completely mismanaged your life.

I'm tying to imagine what a psoriasis-themed dream would be. Maybe I'm changing clothes and I look down and wonder "Why the hell is my skin all red and dry? This blows, all of a sudden." Dream over.

Psoriasis is a chronic condition in which skin cells reproduce and slough off in volumes up to ten times greater than normal, causing white scaly  areas on the skin. It is most likely an autoimmune disorder inherited from parents. Once again, you don't want your immune system to be "boosted". You can't boost it, and even if you could you'd have all sorts of problems like diabetes and psoriasis. So, when somebody is advertising a product that's supposed to "boost your immune system", it's definitely a complete lie, and you should be glad it is. The immune system is a powerful thing that can ruin your life if it gets too enthusiastic about doing it's job. Just so you know.

This tortured lady is funny enough to add to a graphic collection for hilarious use at a later date. So, here she is, all on her own. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

While reading this ad, the word psoriasis needs to be read, either aloud or in one's head, using the same voice that voiced the word gingivitis in those toothpaste commercials years ago.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Yep. Tons of spring reverb.


Thanks Anon!


Sue said...

Where are all the Manly Product placement ads? You can't find one in all those files dropped on your desk? I'm starting to just feel sad for women of the 40's and 50's.

Floozy said...

Jesus, Siroil didn't even need an address, just department something-or-other, Detroit --> OK Yeah, you needed to say Mich. as opposed to Detroit, Switzerland, but still, these guys must have been hUGe.

Time for tea,

kaney said...

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